Ahead of World Championships, WTF Strengthens Anti-Doping Information, Appoints ‘Athlete Integrity Ambassadors’



SEOUL, Korea (June 1, 2017) - In advance of the upcoming 2017 World Taekwondo Championships, to be held in Muju, Korea on June 24-30, the WTF is upgrading its anti-doping measures.


A new section of the WTF website includes detailed information on prohibited substances, educational tools, quizzes. It also includes a link to a WADA’ s new Whistleblower Program “Speak up!”, a resource for those who suspect doping is taking place and who wish to report it to the appropriate authority, to unmask doping.


The pages will be of interest to MNAs, athletes, coaches, referees, team physicians – essentially, everyone involved in the sport of taekwondo. A range of data is available on prohibited substances, therapeutic use exemptions and nutritional supplements.


Information supplied by the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA includes related education and a quiz which web surfers can take on the issue. This quiz is a useful tool for MNAs to download and to supply to coaches and athletes to strengthen their understanding of anti-doping.


A banner link to SPEAK UP!, WADA’s anti-doping report system, allows anyone who suspects doping is underway or who thinks that persons or organizations are not complying with the anti-doping code, to report what they know to WADA by opening a mailbox. The system is completely confidential.


Meanwhile, the WTF will be taking further anti-doping measures at the upcoming World Championships in Muju.


On the sidelines of the tourney – expected to be the biggest in taekwondo history - the WTF Athletes Committee will elect two chairpersons (one male, one female) who will automatically become Athlete Integrity Ambassadors. In the latter role, their duties will include promoting values-based anti-doping education among the sport’s athletes.


“The WTF has a zero-tolerance policy on doping and urges everyone involved in our great sport to act with the utmost responsibility when it comes to anti-doping,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue. “The moves to upgrade online anti-doping information and to appoint Integrity Ambassadors are part of our efforts to ensure that everyone in taekwondo knows exactly what they need to do to comply with anti-doping best practices.”


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