GA: The General Assembly is the general meeting of the Council and representatives of MNAs of World Taekwondo. The GA is the World Taekwondo’s supreme decision making organ. Its decisions are final.

Council: The Council consists of the President, the Vice Presidents, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, and the Council Members. The Council l decides upon the following:

A.  Planning and management of WT organization and operations.
B. Financial budget and financial reports.
C. Formulation, amendments and repeals of the Statutes, Competition Rules and Interpretations,   Event Operations Rules, Regulations on the Administration of International Referees, International   Coaches, Educators, and other bylaws and codes.
D. Jurisdiction over WT-promoted championships and selection of Host Countries of the   championships.
E. Agenda of the General Assembly (GA).
F. Matters referred to the Council by the GA or the President.
G. Other matters under its jurisdiction or responsibility as prescribed in the Statutes

Member Relations and Development (MRD) Commission The Member Relations and Development Commission (the Commission) is comprised of seven members, as follows: a Para Taekwondo Nominee and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the following Committees: Development, Education, and Taekwondo for All. The Commission’s Chair and Vice Chair are appointed from among the Commission members. The Commission studies the organization and practices of WT members to ensure the development of Taekwondo throughout the world through building of capacities of all levels of stakeholders and contributing to the goals set forth in the WT Statutes and the Olympic Charter. The Commission recommends changes to the Council WT’s development and education programs and, together with the Juridical Committee, amendments to related rules and regulations.

Technical Commission The Technical Commission (the Commission) is comprised of seven members. These include the Chairs of the following Committees: Athletes, Coaches, Games, Medical and Anti-Doping, Para Taekwondo, and Referee. The Chair is appointed separately. The Vice-Chair is selected from among the members. The Commission studies the organization and management of taekwondo competitions; studies the safety and performance of equipment; considers ways to improve techniques used in taekwondo competitions; analyzes various issues in the effective management of international referees; and recommends amendments to rules related to the organization and running of competitions including but not limited to the Competition Rules and Interpretations.