WTF Set to Assist Host Cities in Collaborative, Credible and Creative Staging of Its Events

(August 29, 2016) - The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) today unveiled the Supporting Taekwondo Event Program (STEP) which has been introduced as part of the WTF’s ongoing commitment to reforming its bidding and event management and will ensure greater cooperation, credibility and creativity in hosting WTF events.


As a set of systemized courses, STEP will assist host cities of WTF events throughout the entire life cycle of each event providing close collaboration and knowledge sharing from the bid process all the way through to preparing and hosting the event to leaving legacy.




Systematic support to be provided for host cities of the WTF events.


The first stage of STEP – the invitational workshop hosted by the WTF – will be a place for potential hosts and the WTF to understand and clarify each other’s expectations from the earliest stage. This year’s workshop was already taken place in Lausanne, Switzerland on 28-29 June.


Once the host cities have been selected, they will be invited to visit the city of the previous edition of the event for observation training. The host will also attend an orientation seminar which serves as a kick-off meeting with the WTF during the visit. The WTF will then conduct two project reviews in the lead up to the event to answer any questions, provide bespoke guidance and ensure preparations are on schedule. The federation will provide on-site support during the event and finally will support the host with its effective legacy program development.


“Bidders of WTF events do no longer worry about delivering the events. As soon as they are selected as hosts, the STEP will kick in and be there all the way through to the legacy building,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue.


As a part of the STEP, the WTF has already started to analyze the holistic impacts of its events.


Working in partnership with Sportcal, the WTF studied the impacts of the World Taekwondo Grand-Prix Final held in Mexico City in December 2015. The federation is aiming to conduct post-event impact studies on all its upcoming events so that it can provide more information to all the stakeholders of WTF events. Key findings of the last year’s studies are as follows.


The World Taekwondo Grand-Prix Final 2015 Mexico City took place on 5 - 6 December. This event brought 64 world’s best taekwondo athletes and more than 170 officials to the host city.


- Sporting: 28 nations were represented in the Grand-Prix Final. This made the event ranked fourth among 16 comparable world series final events held in 2015.

- Media: The capital city of Mexico was showcased to a total of 87 potential territories via 16 broadcasters. Also, it was aired to almost 150,000 viewers outside Mexico through the official YouTube channel of the WTF.

- Economic: 2,700 bed nights were generated for the host region by the Grand-Prix Final and other events held in conjunction. Bed nights generated by taekwondo fans who attended the event were not included.




WTF aims to conduct post-event impact studies for all the federation’s future events.


All bidders for the WTF events 2017-2021 are required to submit a Bid Registration by 21 September to be eligible for consideration. Meanwhile, ongoing phase of Bid File submission will last until 21 October for the bidders who complete the Bid Registration.


Host cities will be selected at the WTF Council Meeting which will be held in Burnaby, Canada on 14 November.


All the relevant documents and information for bidding can be found on the following link.