World Taekwondo Symposium focus on positive value of Taekwondo and its future


BAKU, Azerbaijan (May 28, 2023) - World Taekwondo today hosted the World Taekwondo Symposium which brought together expert academic speakers to discuss the positive value of Taekwondo and ideas for its future based on scientific research.  


The Symposium was opened by World Taekwondo Education Committee Chair and President of the French Taekwondo Association Hassane Sadok who provided an analysis of the existing academic research which has been conducted into Taekwondo. Sadok looked at how research into performance analysis and injury prevention and other key areas is providing a greater understanding of the benefits of Taekwondo practice. 


Hadwah Moawad, Chair of Taekwondo For All and World Taekwondo Para Taekwondo Classification Committee, presented on Taekwondo for Better life and the 12 strategies implemented by World Taekwondo to improve quality of life in both the external and internal dimensions. 


Hyun Chul Jung, Professor, College of Physical Education at Kyung Hee University presented the scientific development in Taekwondo studies across the three main areas of research: 1) Athletic Performance, 2) Preventing sports injury and 3) Health promotion. 


Mohsen Kazemi, Professor, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, assessed the impact of weight classifications in Taekwondo and posited that based on the data available it could be worth considering pursuing categorisation based on height. 


The final presentation was delivered by Paul Viscogliosi, Medical Doctor, Specialist in Emergency Trauma, who looked at the evolution of safety in Taekwondo competitions and how the changes to Taekwondo competitions has significantly reduced injuries in the sport. 


World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue thanked the speakers for their presentations and emphasised the importance of the World Taekwondo Symposium which he launched nearly 20 years ago to encourage greater academic research and engagement on Taekwondo. 


The Symposium concluded with an interactive panel discussion with speakers taking questions from the audience.