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World Taekwondo Council revises Statutes to meet highest international governance standards


SEOUL, Korea (20 April, 2012) - The World Taekwondo Council today approved the revision of its Statutes during its Extraordinary meeting as part of its commitment to upholding the very highest standards of good governance.


The revised Statutes were developed based on a review of ASOIF-survey indicators and ASOIF recommended best practices as well as engagement of WT’s Juridical Committee and Integrity Committee. As a result of this process, World Taekwondo recommended key changes to term limits, age limits, gender balance targets, Council structure, and IP guidance.


World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue said:


“We have conducted a comprehensive review of our Statutes to meet the highest global standards of good governance in sports. The proposed changes to the Statutes, which we have approved today, are critical in supporting our efforts to ensure that World Taekwondo becomes one of the most sustainable and innovative International Federations (IFs). Today, we gave a clear signal that we want to proactively change and be a model IF for others to follow, instead of following others.”


The Council approved the following amendments:


  • Term limits
    • Elected officials will only be able to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms in any role before a break of at least four years.
    • Elected officials can also only accumulatively serve a maximum of three terms in any one role.
  • Age limits
    • For new candidates to apply for elected positions they must be less than 70 years old on the day of the election.
    • For current sitting members they must be less than 80 years old on the day of the election.
  • Gender balance
    • As part of World Taekwondo’s commitment to supporting active participation of women at all levels of taekwondo, the federation will seek to achieve gender equal representation within its Council, Commissions and Committees by 2029.
  • Council Structure
    • The total number of Council members will remain the same at 37. However, the number of appointed members will be reduced and the number of elected officials will be increased by four. In doing so, World Taekwondo will strengthen democracy and improve gender balance.
    • At least one elected Council member per continent will be female. The female with the highest number of votes will be elevated to the position of Vice President.
  • Continental Unions
    • To mirror World Taekwondo, a minimum of two thirds of the Continental Union Council members should be elected by their General Assembly.
    • Model Statutes will be provided to Continental Unions by World Taekwondo with the Continental Unions obliged to adopt the Statutes at the latest by 9 July to apply new rules to the upcoming October election.
  • Intellectual Property
    • World Taekwondo will issue new guidance on the use of its name and logo to its members.


The revised rules will be submitted for approval by the General Assembly via an electronic vote. Pending their approval, they will be applied at the President and Council elections to be held on October 11, 2021, the day before the opening ceremony of the Wuxi 2021 World Taekwondo Championships in China.


An ad-hoc Election Committee for the elections has been formed and will be chaired by Vice President Ms. Aicha Garad Ali. Prof. Jean-Marie Ayer, chair of the Member Relations and Development Committee, and Prof. Jung Heon Kim, chair of the Poomsae Committee, will also serve on the Committee.


The election guidelines will be distributed by no later than 11 May and the deadline for receiving candidatures will be 11 July. The elections will go ahead virtually if the pandemic worsens.


During the Council meeting, there was also a progress report on Wuxi 2021, with preparations advancing very well.


A minute silence was held to pay respects to Gen. Fouly and Milan Kwee.


The next Council meeting will take place on 17 June.