Honduras Puts Taekwondo on Elementary School Curriculum



Photo provided by Taekwondowon


Mandatory in 16 schools; program to expand by year’s end


The Olympic sport of taekwondo has been adopted as a regular curriculum subject in 16 public elementary schools in Honduras.


The taekwondo classes currently encompass 1,800 students at 16 schools - including 13 schools in the capital, Tegucigalpa. The classes are conducted twice a week by local taekwondo coaches and are mandatory for students.


“Taekwondo teaches self-defense and also teaches good etiquette,” said Armando V. Valdes, who is both the president of  the Honduras Taekwondo Federation and  the communications director to the country’s leader, President Juan Orlando Hernández. “Through taekwondo, students can develop their characters, learn to respect their parents and teachers, and to help their friends.”


The program will be expanded to 20 schools within the year.