World Cup Team Championships Kick off in Goyang, Korea, on Nov. 14


SEOUL, Korea (Nov. 10, 2023) – Taekwondo’s most exciting competitive format comes to Goyang, Korea, for a three day run from Nov. 14-16.


The Seoul 2023 World Taekwondo World Cup Team Championships will be held in Hall 6 of the giant KINTEX 2 exhibition center, in the western Seoul suburb of Goyang. Male, female and mixed-gender teams will be fighting.


The championship welcomes teams from Australia, Brazil, China, Côte d'Ivoire, India, Iran, Korea, Mexico and Morocco.


Male and female teams consist of three athletes; mixed-gender teams consist of two male and two female players, though teams may arrive with one substitute player. Fighting takes place over three rounds.


The three players in each male team must weight no more than 240kg; in female teams, they must weigh 200kg or less.  In mixed gender teams, the two female athletes can weight up to 135kg, while the two male players must weigh no more than 160kg.


In addition to medals, prize money is on offer: Each of the three categories offers $20,000 for the first place winners, $10,000 for the second place and $5,000 for the third place.


Team fighting is Taekwondo’s most action-packed format, and has been featured as a demonstration event at the Olympic Games. Marked by lighting-fast tag substitutions, it offers a more intense and flamboyant spectacle than the more tactical individual match format.