WT Poomsae Open Challenge Draws to End in Muju


MUJU, Korea (Nov. 5, 2023) – Taekwondowon’s T1 stadium echoed to battle cries from the field of play and screams from the audience in the stands as some of the world’s most outstanding poomsae players strutted their stuff.


Featuring non-combat competition – the “art” in the “martial” - the Muju Taekwondowon 2023 World Taekwondo Poomsae Open Challenge came to the end of its three-day run here today. 


Teams and/or individuals representing Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan the Philippines and the U.S. captured medals in the bespoke-designed, purpose-built Taekwondo training complex nestled among the scenic hills of Korea’s southwest.


For many coaches and hopefuls, the Challenge offered both a close-up look at possible competitors and food for thought. 


The action serves as elite-level preparation for the 2024 World Poomsae Championships. That event – the top-level poomsae competition on the WT calendar – is scheduled for next November in Hong Kong.


The biggest turnout at Taekwondowon was from the home team; unsurprisingly, Team Korea led the medal table. That featured scores of categories – recognized and freestyle, individual and team - subdivided by age and by gender.


For the full results table from Muju 2023, please click link here.