Taekwondo ready for return of World Combat Games



RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (Oct. 25, 2023) - Taekwondo is preparing for its return to the World Combat Games with athletes from 17 countries set to battle it out in Riyadh from October 28-30, 2023.


The World Combat Games began on October 20 and will run through to October 30, bringing together some of the world’s best athletes from across 16 Olympic and non-Olympic combat sports.


The three-day Taekwondo competition will be one of the highlights of the Games and will feature male and female individual and pairs Freestlye Poomsae over 17, as well Mixed Gender Team Kyorugi categories. Around 60 Taekwondo athletes and 21 coaches from 17 countries will compete at the event.


World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue said:


“We are delighted that Taekwondo will feature at the World Combat Games for the third time. We believe strongly that Taekwondo and combat sports have an important role to play in society, promoting discipline, respect and tolerance. The Games will showcase these values and bring fans from around the world together to enjoy the diversity and spectacle of elite combat sport.”


The World Combat Games aims to encourage youth engagement in sport, foster unity within local martial arts and combat sport communities. It is the first time the Games has been hosted in the Middle East since it was founded by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF now known as SportAccord) as a way of showcasing combat sports to a global audience.



Photos by Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games