[CANCELLED] 121st Kyorugi IR Seminar & 136th Kyorugi IR Refresher (Algiers, Algeria)_Onsite courses
Date: March 4, 2023 ~ March 7, 2023


**Qualification of Participation**

- Kyorugi IR Seminar:

1) The one of 21 years or older;

2) Recommended by the pertinent Member national Association to which the applicant belongs;

3) The one who has completed pre-requisite WT Online Kyorugi Referee Training Program:

4) Holder of Kukkiwon 4th Dan or higher for Male, or 1st Dan or higher for female;

   However, 2nd & 3nd Dan holder from newly afflicated National Association or the National Association undergoing Taekwondo development

5) Holder of National Kyorugi Referee Certificate;

6) For IR Seminar applicants (ONLY); Stay at "Official Hotel" is mandatory requirement to be confirmed.

- Kyorugi IR Refresher Course:

1) Holder of WT Kyorugi IR Certificate


**Registration Process: Please check the OUTLINE carefully (Article #7)


**Click Here to download Application form!